Becoming a Slave Watcher

I was freaking out when I woke up in middle of a cornfield. It took me 10 minutes to calm myself down, and then I found a road right next to the corn field. I started walking on a dirt road, guessing I was drunk last night as usual and someone dropped me off here. Great… I have no signal on my cell phone. Where am I? I wasn’t hoping to see anyone because my watch said it was 3:00AM. After walking for straight 30 minutes I finally found a house. I went up to a door and knocked politely. No one answered, so I knocked harder. Still, no reply. After banging three more times the door opened and a white guy popped out with his rifle.

            “What do you want from me in middle of a night? And who are you?” the guy asked. He looked just like me: Bony arms and legs, short blond hair, and really strict looking face with cold looking eyes.

            Afraid of his gun I answered politely, “Hi my name is Tommy King. I got drunk last night and one of my friends dropped me off by a cornfield 30 minutes away from here. Can I use your phone to call my friends so they can pick me up?”

            “Phone? What is that?”

            I thought he was kidding at first so I laughed a little. The guy was giving me a strange look. I replied jokingly, “it’s a communication device that lets me talk to a friend miles and miles away!”

            His eyes opened really wide. He seemed surprise, “Wait there is such a thing in 1810? I never heard of it.”

            I laughed even harder, “Yes there is such a thing in year 2010!”

            Still, he is giving me a strange look, “What are you talking about? We are in year 1810. Have you lost your mind?”

            After 50 minutes of argument whether this place is in 1800s or in 2000s, I lost. I couldn’t prove this place is in 2000s. I guess I both time and space traveled since I am also in Alabama, not in Michigan. Wait, that’s impossible. No human technology can control time and space. I guess I believe him for now though, since he might help me to go home.

            “I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Tom Weylin. How old are you? Maybe you can work here as a slave watcher if you have no place to go.” Tom asked.

            “I’m 23 years old, but I thought slavery was banned…”

            “Oh nothing I had a dream about it.” I jumped.

            “That would be a worst nightmare!” He laughed for the first time and told me to sleep in his guest room.

            The next morning I was out on the cornfield where I woke up yesterday. I watched 10 black slaves doing their farm work. I was told to whip people who are slacking their job. I couldn’t. I saw few people not working as hard as the others, but I decided to ignore them so I don’t have to punish them. Slaves liked me because I let them slack off and rest whenever they needed to. I worked for another 2 weeks when Tom found out that I wasn’t doing my job of watching slaves. “But I never punished anyone before!” I complained like a 6 year old.
            “I don’t care! If you don’t do your job right I will punish you instead!”

            I worked for another two weeks without punishing the slaves. Tom finally exploded and told me to he is going to punish me if I didn’t do my job right for the next two weeks. I hated Tom and the other slave masters who visited Tom for business. I couldn’t punish the slaves still. They were working hard enough to not be punished. After two weeks while I was watching the slaves, a sudden whip went across my back. I screamed and yelled. It was Tom with his whip and his rifle.

“If you don’t do the job right in next week I will pull the trigger.”

That night I told all the slaves to start running away, giving each of them a freedom pass. Before Tom even noticed I set a fire to his house. I ran away as fast I could until I couldn’t see anything because of darkness. I decided to go to sleep on a ground.

When I woke up the next morning I was sleeping in my bed. Thank god it was a dream, I thought, but I freaked out again when I saw a whip mark across my back.


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