Tuesday, 7/27

Cat’s Cradle chapters 78-106

1. Read and respond to at least 3 different peers’ work from yesterday.

2. Open the following document and choose one topic to write an essay on. This essay does NOT have a length requirement… but I don’t think that an essay of less than, say, 2-3 pages could possibly be thorough enough for a 12th grade essay. Be sure to answer the question thoroughly, with adequate detail and support from the novel. I will also be looking for the proper parts of an essay, grammar and spelling, as well as MLA formatting. (see the attached document for grading rubric as well).        

  • print the essay and turn it in
  • post it to your blog as well                                                                           

              ESSAY TOPICS

use this graphic organizer to get your thoughts in order if it helps you.

5 para graph organizer

see this sample essay for an example of MLA formatting

sample cause effect essay

3. Lastly, there were MANY profound quotes in last night’s reading. If you are interested in earning extra credit, I invite you to find 2 of these quotes to respond to. Explain who said the quote and under what circumstances. Explore what Vonnegut was saying about man/life/society by including this quote and give a personal response as to what you think of it and why. This will ONLY be worth points if it is a full paragraph response with a lot of detail and support.


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