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Take a sneak peek at both parts of you final exam!


final exam essay


Wednesday, 7/28

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1. Be sure to read and respond to three peer essays from yesterday.

2. Go to the following link, where you will find a lot of interesting information on Cat’s Cradle

What to do with this information:

  • read all of the information about the book’s themes. Post your responses to what you read about 3 of them. Do you think they are important themes in the book? Do you agree or disagree with what Vonnegut is telling the reader through these themes? Give evidence from the book to support that each theme exists within.
  • at the bottom of the page, you will find useful study tools such as chapter summaries, suggested essay questions, and quizzes. Explore these various links. you will see much of this information again before the course is over… hint, hint.

Tuesday, 7/27

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Cat’s Cradle chapters 78-106

1. Read and respond to at least 3 different peers’ work from yesterday.

2. Open the following document and choose one topic to write an essay on. This essay does NOT have a length requirement… but I don’t think that an essay of less than, say, 2-3 pages could possibly be thorough enough for a 12th grade essay. Be sure to answer the question thoroughly, with adequate detail and support from the novel. I will also be looking for the proper parts of an essay, grammar and spelling, as well as MLA formatting. (see the attached document for grading rubric as well).        

  • print the essay and turn it in
  • post it to your blog as well                                                                           

              ESSAY TOPICS

use this graphic organizer to get your thoughts in order if it helps you.

5 para graph organizer

see this sample essay for an example of MLA formatting

sample cause effect essay

3. Lastly, there were MANY profound quotes in last night’s reading. If you are interested in earning extra credit, I invite you to find 2 of these quotes to respond to. Explain who said the quote and under what circumstances. Explore what Vonnegut was saying about man/life/society by including this quote and give a personal response as to what you think of it and why. This will ONLY be worth points if it is a full paragraph response with a lot of detail and support.

Monday, 7/26

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Cat’s Cradle chapters 36-77

Open the following document and answer 4 questions in detail. If you answer 5, the extra one may be worth extra credit. Be sure to answer each question thoroughly, with adequate detail and support from the novel. Each answer should be at least one well written paragraph.

cats cradle blog mon725

Monday, 7/19

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  • read and respond to at least two classmates’ postings from Thrusday
  • go to the following link, where you will find many questions about the novel. The questions are divided into 4 categories. Please choose 2 questions from each catergory to respond to (eight questions in all). Be sure to answer each question thoroughly, with adequate detail and support form the novel. Each answer should be at least one well written paragraph.


Thursday, 7/15

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Check your blog for a comment from me and be sure to respond! If I haven’t commented yet, check again in a few minutes… I’m working as quickly as I can.

Respond to three of the prompts below. Include the prompt itself at the top of your posting so that readers know which ones you are responding to. Your total word count for this blog entry should be about 900 words long.

  • How is Dana both more and less equipped than Alice and her mother to survive in the past?
  • When Dana returns home the second time, what precautions are taken in case she time travels again?  What additional precaustions might you have taken?
  • In what ways does time travelling lead Dana to experiences the likes of which she has never had and act in ways that she would never believe herself capable of?
  • Explain why it is ironic that Dana refers to her place of employment as a slave market. If she survives the time travelling and referrs to work, how might her views have changed?
  • Give a personal response to the following quote from page 56:

                              ” My aunt and uncle said I could write in my spare time if I wanted to… Meanwhile, for the real future, I was to take something sensible in school if I expected them to support me.”

  • On page 59, Dana says, referring to Kevin, ” I wished he were back home. In this place, he was probably better protection for me than free papers would have been, but I didn’t want him here. I didn’t want this place to touch him except through me.” Explain Dana’s reasoning, whether you agree or disagree, and tell how you can relate to her feelings.
  • Read the following definition of suspension of disbelief and then re-read pages 61-65. In these pages, how is Dana asking Rufus to supend his disbelief? Would you have done things the same or differently if you were Dana? How would you have reacted if you were Rufus?

                         “Willing Suspension of Disbelief”

Term used to describe the phenomenon in which an audience, while watching a movie, is willing to accept the movie as reality and to believe the story, drawing the audience more fully into the story. Without a willing suspension of disbelief, the audience does not enjoy a movie to its fullest because it is viewed as a fiction or falsity, and so the audience does not relate to the movie and its characters or develop emotions and feelings about them. The audience must be able to accept the film as plausible and possible–they must stop disbelieving.

  • On page 70, Dana discovers why no one in the past (except for Rufus) seems to like or trust her. What does she discover? Could something like this ever happen today? Explain.

Peer Blogging

  • read and respond to one blog entry written by one of your peers. Your response should be approximatelty 150 words long and have adequate detail

Wednesday, June 14

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  • Write what you were thinking about while reading.  This is journal writing.  It should be about 500words minimum.

                       – If you have no ideas of your own to write about, you might consider the irony of the setting, the danger faced by either or both characters, predict the next chapter, describe the characters, or explain how you would react if you were Dana.

                      – In your post, respond to the following quote: “ ‘I don’t have a name for the thing that happened to me, but I don’t feel safe any more.’ ” – Dana, Pg. 17

Peer Blogging

  • Read and respond to one blog posting written by a classmate (their blogs are listed in my “blogroll” to the right